Coachella Fashion

With Weekend 2 of Coachella kicking off today, it seemed appropriate to look at the great style choices of Weekend 1. The music festival Coachella has become just as much about the fashion as it is about the music. Every year, Music enthusiasts and celebrities gather to show off their own personal style and to battle off on who is the most bohemian; every year, I love it.

Some people will go for a simple, carefree look while others will go all out with jewelry and sometimes body ornaments. I think there is beauty in both. This year, it seems like denim shorts and crop tops are the go-to look. Here are some of my favorite Weekend 1 Coachella looks:

Featured Blogger: Break My Style

Laureen Uy of dresses in a blend of femininity and edginess. She can go from wearing flirty skirts in bright colors and floral prints to a black and white aesthetic with sharp lines. Since she's from the Philippines, she has no shortage of beach and bathing suit looks for tropical weather. It doesn't take many layers for her to create a unique outfit. She has any easy way of making herself look simple, bold, and effortless.

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